Sunday, February 24, 2008


It is a lot to get your first foster child, buy a farm, and put your house back on the market all in one week, along with all the odds and ends that those things entail (calls from the principal's office, visits with teachers, multiple appointments with banks and realtors, etc.). We have been bawled out and beat up (literally). I am mentally and physically exhausted. Thankfully today is Sunday. Church was refreshing, and this afternoon there is nothing on the agenda.

I finished this flannel quilt over the weekend. It's a birthday present for someone special. Can't say who just's a surprise!

Day No. 29: Ragtime.

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Andy & Jessica said...

Actually, just today I was thinking how many things you guys have on your plate and I'm sure I don't know the half of it! You must've gone to the first service this am... was hoping to meet Jonathen.

Abbi said...

Very cute quilt! I certianly can understand your exhaustion. Taking on all that at once would be quite the job! Are you starting to work on your new place right away? If you sell your house soon will you be able to live in the new place?

Carrie said...

Very cute quilt, Bets. I may require your help this summer with some sewing for Cate's and Joel's rooms.
Surely your life can't be THAT busy! I was thinking now would be a good time for you to buy a business.

Jennifer said...

Wow! that about sums it up! You amaze me! Hang in there! IT'll all be worth it! Good job on the quilt. It looks cozy!

jessicalolene said...

I guess that pretty little quilt isn't for me as my birthday is still six months away! Just remember what an impact you and Winn are having on Jonathan, and remember parenting someone else's kid is certainly harder than parenting your own. Maybe you just need one (or two) of your own.

Betsy Cradic said...

Jessica - We were at second service, although a little late trying to get out the door with Jonathan and leaving our house ready for a showing while we were gone. Sorry we missed you!

Abbi - We'll start working on the new place as soon as we close (March 14). If our house sells soon, we'll be able to live in the "new" place as soon as we have running water, an LP tank, and a working septic out there. Sounds luxurious, ey? :)

Carrie - I'd love to help with their rooms. Kids rooms are such fun. Can't wait to see your new house!

Jen - Thanks. You're such an encourager. I enjoy your blog, especially the little video of your son singing! Cute.

Jess - I wanted to keep the quilt for myself when I finished it. It's really cozy! But I'm going to stick with the birthday-present plan. :) I can see how raising your own kids would be a ton easier as you can start early with teaching them. It's hard to help someone replace inappropriate behavior with appropriate. We have to be consistent so that he trusts us, but that gets to be very tiring!

Lylah said...'s been too long since i paid you a visit....but you drew my loyalty back....with your comment on tj max AND your foster child...i'm so delighted for you...

did you get your new running shoes?