Monday, January 28, 2008

Photo 9.

I had such grand plans for today. But several errands, an appointment with our tax accountant, lots of phone calls, grocery shopping for Winn's birthday dinner tomorrow night, transcript editing, and a couple loads of laundry later, and it was already ten o'clock at night! I hadn't even given a thought to today's photo yet. Sajak to the rescue again. I made him sit and stay on the rug in front of the fire for several "takes." What a handsome model he makes. And we're always marveling at the size of his paws (although it appears that his nails are in dire need of a clipping). Would you look at the size of those things! You should see how fast they can make dirt fly when digging for chipmunks in the summer.

Day No. 9: Digger.

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katie Doherty, now Green said...

Hello Betsy, remember me? I haven't talked to you in forever! I just got a blog myself and am having a blast.
Our dogs nails also need a clipping but we are to afraid to do it. We have the clippers and everything. I would love to know how to do it. She wakes us up at night clicking across the floor.

Betsy Cradic said...

Hi Katie! Of course I remember you. :) Welcome to the blogging world! Don't be afraid to clip your dogs nails. Just hold a paw in your hand and cut the nail at an angle. You can just cut a little bit at a time so that you don't end up cutting into the quick of the nail. We've accidentally made Sajak bleed several times, but it doesn't phase him much. We use styptic powder (which is very fast at stopping the bleeding) if we do cut too far. Let me know how it goes!