Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cookie dough.

We learned this weekend that Sajak is a BIG fan of cookie dough. (But then again, who isn't!) I made a batch on Friday night, and as always, we left the eggs out of about half of it so that we could just eat the dough. Well, every time I get it out of the fridge to take some, Sajak runs into the kitchen, and if I happen to drop some on the floor "accidentally," he races over to it and gobbles it up lickety-split.

Day No. 8: Crumbsnatcher.

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Linda said...

Did you know that if you use pastuerized eggs, you don't need to leave them out? If you like your cooked eggs "runny" you should use them, too. They are more expensive, but you could eat them raw (YUCK)

Christy said...

My girls like to do that too. Not eat it off the floor (at least I don't think so) but they like to make cookie dough and eat it just like that!

Bob said...

Do you have any left? :o)