Monday, January 14, 2008

Bucket List.

Winn and I saw Bucket List with some friends over the weekend. It's about two men with terminal cancer who create a "bucket list" (things they want to do before they kick the bucket). I just learned that Jack Nicholson (who looks more and more gnarly with each passing film) and Morgan Freeman (one of my favorite actors) were born just six weeks apart in 1937. It was fun to watch their chemistry on-screen, and some of Freeman's character's virtuous qualities did manage to rub off on Nicholson's character by the end of the show. The flick was entertaining, but I think this review that I read sums it up best: "Enjoyable for the most part and touching in others, but nothing surprising or groundbreaking."

I love John Mayer's song Say, which is featured in the soundtrack. Don't put off until tomorrow the things you need to say today.

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Minkydo said...

I was thinking about seeing this movie tomorrow while kiddo is watching his movie (Cloverfield).