Sunday, January 13, 2008

All is white with the world.

White carpet is great to disguise white dog hair...but it's absolutely horrible for disguising muddy paw prints when the snow is melting outside. So I'm thankful for our faithful Kirby (the shampoo-er attachment that came with it has saved us a lot of money in carpet-cleaning bills), and I'm extra thankful for a husband who cleaned the floors for me this weekend.

We had a full weekend. Dinner and a movie with friends on Friday night and lots of fun company on Saturday and Sunday. But we still took time out for our weekly date at Dunn Brothers Coffee on Saturday morning--I look forward to that time all week! Now I've just finished the last of my homework (which is due by midnight tonight) and am ready to hit the sack and rest up for another week. I'm looking forward to what it holds!

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Anonymous said...

How sweet of Winn. Busy busy busy. love angie