Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Shots, car seats, and other things to be thankful for...

We went to a car seat training over the weekend (a requirement for foster care providers). Three hours of them telling us how to strap a car seat into the car. I have to admit that I got more out of it than I anticipated I would, but come on, three hours? Basically, kids need to use them, five-point harnesses can save lives, and don't put a 50-pound child in a seat rated for 20-pounders. That about sums it up. :)

I hate getting shots. I don't know why. It doesn't hurt that much. I've just always had a bit of a shot phobia. I start to breathe a little heavier when I sit down in the "shot chair." So naturally, today when I had to get some tests done in the blood lab, I got the room with a student in it. Nice. Luckily, he was a conscientious student and didn't do too bad. He actually was better than the gal I got last week when I was there. Then I also had to get my tetanus shot today, so I've definitely had to "face my fear" this past week.

On a lighter note, I'm extremely thankful for these things today:

1. My new sewing/embroidery machine! I got it set up last night and started playing with it. You should see all the neat stitches and designs it has! I'm very excited to start putting it to use.

2. A mom who's a GM at Panera. Our Connections Team from church had a meeting there this evening, and Mom sent us all home with a bag of our favorite treats (mine had cinnamon crunch bagels in it!).

3. Our volleyball team made it to the playoffs again this season! The championship is on Thursday night.

Happy Tuesday!


Esther said...

very exciting about your new sewing machine. sounds like fun. my machine has been busy lately, too. my current project is a duvet cover and pillow shams for our bed. what kind of machine did you end up getting?

Abbi said...

Your sewing machine sounds like a lot of fun!!
Congratulations on your volleyball team!