Thursday, November 29, 2007


I love Christmas ornaments, a whole hodge-podge of them on a tree, each meaning something special. I thought I'd share a few of ours with you...

My sister Jessica gives such fun ornaments for stocking stuffers each year. The following five are from her, and I love every one of them!

This one is from my sister Carrie. She said that my niece Caitlyn picked it out. :)

This plaid bear is from my Aunt Barbara. She got it in Thailand when she lived there.

This next one I picked out. It's actually a set of tiny rustic churches, all in unfinished wood with copper roofs. I believe I got them at a craft store sale a long time ago. I think they're so charming.

This Santa is from my Aunt Barbara's antique store. There were a few in this set, but this is the only one that doesn't have a broken string. I need to fix the others so that I can hang them.

This is Winn's, in honor of his alma mater (go Cyclones!).

I've had this Jingle Bells one for probably about 10 years. It was part of a gift for singing in a friend's wedding.

I can't remember where I got this crocheted ball, but I think it's so delicate and lovely.

We got our first real snowfall this evening. Not too much, just a dusting. But it's the first snow that's stayed on the ground. It's beautiful out. I should know. I just got home from work, after 10:30 pm! That late of an hour is unusual in my line of work (thank goodness!), but it was a deposition with some New Jersey folks who, I guess, could only arrange to fly here for an evening gig. It's a good thing. Or else I wouldn't have been out to enjoy the quiet night and the gently falling snow and the Christmas lights on the eves of the houses I passed.


Andrea S. said...

I love when ornaments have a history. It makes them more special and it's more fun to put them up. That's why even though we have the "pretty" ones, we still have to display the sad-looking ones we made when we were little. They're just important!

Ayla likes when I turn on the lights, and she's having a field day with the snowman wind-chime ornament I put on the door to the backyard. Hopefully the other ornaments will remain untouched! :)

Christy said...

Betsy, I have the same "sheet music/teddy bear ornament" but couldn't remember where I got it. Maybe the same place as you??? :) Whose wedding?

Betsy Cradic said...

Yep, I bet it was the same place, Christy! Jason and Michelle's wedding. :)