Friday, September 21, 2007


Not really a big fan of sitting in a small room at a federal prison with a big, burly inmate, the nature of whose crime is particularly disturbing. When the case manager stepped out of the room to check on the status of the videoconferencing system and left me alone with him (uncuffed, I might add), it was slightly awkward trying to make small talk. And then after all that, plus a half-hour of getting through security with all my equipment and over an hour of waiting in the conference room with the inmate, they couldn't get the videoconferencing system to work and decided to reschedule the deposition. I guess most of the court reporters in town don't like to cover the hearings and depositions at the prison--takes too long to get in, the pay isn't as nice as some jobs, etc. But I rather enjoy it. You get to hear a lot of interesting things, meet the different judges that travel down from the Cities, and you're almost always guaranteed a little entertainment.

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