Friday, September 14, 2007


Our friends Chris and Rebecca have a McIntosh apple tree and were kind enough to share some of their harvest with us this week. I have been thoroughly enjoying them. Love, love, love apples. I had one for lunch today, and last night I made a couple of apple crisps. Usually
when I bake, I think it's fun to make two of everything, one to eat and one to give away. I always double the topping on the apple crisp so that there's lots of yummy crumbs on top (and I might snatch a couple crumbs for taste-testing purposes...okay, maybe it's more like a couple large spoonfuls).


a said...

Hi Betsy! love the name, you are certainly in the running for that ring I'm giving away (one comment is all it takes:) loooove apple crisp and macs are my favorite baking apple. I'll be back when I'm not so spent for time. Nice to meet you btw!

Betsy said...

Thanks for dropping by! :)