Thursday, August 23, 2007


i love words. being a court reporter, i have to know a lot of them. thankfully, i don't have to know what they all mean, just how to spell them. i like learning new ones and entering them into my stenographic dictionary. today i had another deposition in a power and energy case that i've been working on for over a year. i've learned lots of technical words in that case, including photovoltaic (able to produce a voltage when exposed to radiant energy) and kilovolt-ampere (an electrical unit). today the attorneys were throwing around a couple of foreign terms that i didn't have in my steno dictionary: ab initio (latin for "from the beginning") and force majeure (french for "greater force"). needless to say, i have them in there now. next time i'll be ready for them. :)

and then there's words like combinatorial and infinitesimally (someone used that one in a deposition the other day and threw me for a loop), which you can easily figure out the meaning of but you've never really had opportunity to use them in a sentence before.

some other fun words that i've come across are quixotic (impulsive, romantic, impractical), usufruct (the right to enjoy something that belongs to someone else, as long as you don't damage it), and querulous (discontent, testy). try them out in a sentence sometime!

anyone out there have any other good ones for me?

la paix


Abbi said...

Thanks Betsy for all the great words. How fun to get to learn on the job.(and maybe a little stressful too. :-) Do you like to do Word Power in the Reader's Digest? Ken and I enjoy doing it as a competition. Here is a word for you: zygodactyl - it is a bird that has it's toes in pairs, one pair pointing forward and one pair to the rear. (By the way, I had to look in the dictionary for that one.) Abbi

betsy said...

Great word! I guess a parrot would be a zygodactyl then.