Monday, August 27, 2007


or scaredy-dog, rather. sajak has such a big bark (scares the fed-ex man to death), but really he's a big chicken. (don't let the thieves and intruders in on this little secret though.) from the day we brought him home he's been afraid of balloons, vacuum cleaners, fans, you name it. one day about a year and a half ago we brought some mylar balloons home, and he ran and hid under my desk in the office for about 45 minutes. i snapped this picture because it was so odd and endearing.

then yesterday winn and i left him outside while we ran to the store (invisible fences are wonderful things), and when we came home, he was hiding behind the bush in front of the house, afraid to come out in case we were boogeymen in disguise.

and this afternoon when we were on our walk, a gust of wind went through the oh-so-menacing bushes lining the sidewalk, and sajak stopped dead in his tracks and then jumped back away from them. this happened twice, and from then on he stayed on the opposite side of the sidewalk from the bushes and kept his eye on them lest they swallow him up. what a silly boy, so querky and cute.

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