Saturday, August 25, 2007


i should be mopping the floor. we have company coming tonight (winn's aunt and uncle), and the kitchen floor has accumulated quite the collection of dry, crusty dog slobber. but after spending the day doing yard work and then a 6-mile bike ride, i'm guessing the floor will wait for another day.

i love saturdays. especially when we're not traveling for the weekend or on the worship team, when there's nothing scheduled and we just get to relax and get things done around the house. the rain has finally come to an end in rochester, and today it was beauuuuutiful out! winn and i thoroughly enjoyed it. we slept in and then went to dunn brothers with our laptops and sat there for a couple hours savoring a coffee and a muffin and getting some work done. when we got home, winn got out the mower and tackled the jungle that our lawn had become after all the nice rain. i donned my garden gloves, planted a couple new shrubs that i got for 50% off at home depot, and weeded the flowerbeds. then after a bike ride, a trip to the grocery store, and supper, we changed sheets, cleaned toilets, and washed towels for our company. now i'm plum worn out. but it feels good.

here's a shot of winn at the coffeehouse this morning and another one of him in our new set of wheels that we got last week. after putting tens of thousands of additional miles on an already well-used '98 chrysler concorde, the engine light came on for us for the last time. we bought that car (we called it our boat) from a friend a few years ago and have gotten a lot of good use out of it. but unfortunately, it was starting to require too many trips to the mechanic and too many dimes out of our piggy bank.

with our new purchase we opted for the practical, dependable route and got a honda accord. this is the first brand-new car i've ever owned. aside from the proclaimed 34-mpg gas mileage, the best part is the heated seats and dual climate control. no more shivering over in my seat while winn is sweating over in his! :)

much to winn's surprise, i turned out to be quite the negotiator. i talked the dealership into taking a few thousand dollars off the purchase price, throwing in a rear spoiler for free, and giving us more for our old car than we paid for it in the first place. i also found out that the added warranties are negotiable, so never pay full price for a warranty. for about half their beginning warranty price we got an 8 year/120,000 mile bumper-to-bumper warranty. can't go wrong there.


Andrea S. said...

Congrats on the new car! I guess it *was* about time! :) I know you'd been thinking about it a long time. Lovin' the sunroof...

betsy said...

Yes, the sunroof is fun too, especially on an afternoon like today when we were taking a drive after church and it was so nice and sunny out! :)

skyman said...

Wow......very nice! We have been so out of touch this past week we didn't even know you had a new car!
Don't you just love that new car smell!