Friday, August 24, 2007

five years

today is our fifth wedding anniversary. we've known each other for over ten years. wow time flies. we went to dinner at avocados tonight to celebrate. it's a new little bistro in town. style: caribbean. they don't own a freezer or a fryer, so their food is fresh. i had chicken stuffed with chorizo, feta, and sun-dried tomatoes w/ their signature plantain mash, a mango salad, and a glass of salmon harbor chardonnay. winn had chipotle pork ribs w/ corn salsa and a glass of "mad dogs and englishmen" shiraz. for dessert we shared a piece of key lime cheesecake and french-pressed coffee. really yummy. our waitress took a picture for us.

winn wrote these sweet words in the card he gave me:

five years is long enough.
long enough to learn what you like,
to understand what you feel,
to foresee your reactions.
to know what makes you sad, happy, angry, or content.
to know what makes you so unique.
however, five years is not nearly enough time to love you.
here's to the rest of our lives.

what a sweetheart. how did i ever get so lucky!


Andrea S. said...

Happy Anniversary! Glad to hear the food was good....we just missed the opening of Avacados before we moved. I would have liked to try it.

Andy & Jessica said...

Happt Belated Anniversary! :)

Andy said...


Great poem. Now if I don't write a "sweet" poem like yours I'll be in the doghouse. Thanks man.


Joshua, Esther, & Kylee - said...

Happy Belated Anniversary! The dinner sounds delicious. I'm glad you got such a great guy like Winn. What a sweet card.

betsy said...

Thanks for all the happy anniversary wishes! :)