Monday, July 30, 2007

house for sale

anyone looking to buy a house? ours is for sale. we just signed a purchase agreement this evening for a new one (well, not new-new--it's actually almost 30 years old). it's kind of bittersweet. exciting but sad. this is our very first house together, and we're pretty partial to it. we'll miss the extraordinary view from our back yard, among many other things. however, the new house will have an out-in-the-country feel, yet it's in town. sajak will have lots more room to run. we can have a garden. it's in a mature, quiet neighborhood. in fact, when i was out there the other day, there was a deer in the middle of the road. there are about 65 acres of woods just behind the house (and more on the other side), with hiking trails and a creek. the house is old and needs lots of improvements, but we're excited to begin putting our touch on it. now we just have to sell our house. here are some pics in case you're interested in buying it. :)

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Joshua, Esther, & Kylee - said...

So you finally decided to sell! Too bad we didn't get to drive by the house that you are going to buy while I was there. I hope your house sells quickly.