Sunday, July 8, 2007


this is really dangerous. winn and i have discovered an original a&w drive-in in spring valley, mn. yum. the bad part is that we go that route to get to his folks' place in iowa, and since we've been going down there so often these days, we are terribly frequent customers. burgers and floats and cheese curds, oh my. we're so in trouble.

on another note, winn's mom had an encouraging scan last week. the tumor on her liver has reduced to half its size! the chemo she's been on seems to be very effective. unfortunately, the treatments are extremely difficult and debilitating for sherill and she's not sure how many more of them she can handle, so please continue to pray for strength and comfort for her. thanks.


Andy & Jessica said...

A few years back were were stranded in a blizzard near Kalispel, MT right next to an A&W- burgers never tasted so good! Lucky us!

betsy said...

i hear ya! :)