Thursday, June 21, 2007


apparently our credit card number was stolen. our bank just called today to tell us that someone had hacked into a vendor site and gotten several credit card numbers. thankfully, our bank discovered it and closed our account before anyone was able to charge anything to it. it's kinda scary how common it is these days for things like that to happen. and unfortunately, people often aren't able to catch it as soon as our bank did. so just a little reminder, keep close watch over those credit/debit card statements!


Jessica K said...

I always worry about that... such a scary thought. Good thing they caught it! Something like that just happened to my sister too.

Joshua, Esther, & Kylee - said...

that happened to joshua's debit/credit card. our bank caught it before we did, too. it makes you feel very good about where you bank.

Anonymous said...

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