Sunday, June 24, 2007

dinner party

we had our new friends john and kim over for a dinner party last night and had a fun evening getting to know one another. we learned that they have lived in scotland, they love sushi, and they homeschooled their two daughters for a few years when they were younger. we ate out on our deck, enjoying the warm minnesota evening. we had sun-dried tomato hummus on wafers with cherry tomato and thyme garnishes, strawberries, and some montevina pinot grigio for an appetizer. for dinner we had seered yellowfin tuna and sauteed vegetables (i'll post the recipe for you to try) with a mango fruit salad and yellow tail chardonnay. when the mosquitos came out, we moved indoors for dessert, milk chocolate with hazelnut and cups of espresso. we called it a night an hour before midnight, vowing to get together again soon so that they can teach us how to make sushi and so that we can introduce them to the live music at oak center.

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