Thursday, May 31, 2007

all tuckered out

sajak had such a fun time last weekend in iowa playing with winn's sister's dog gypsy and his parents' two golden retrievers holly and new puppy future jack, named by winn's niece hannah (who insists that you call her--yes, it's a girl--by her full name future jack, not just future). these first two pics show sajak sleeping the entire way back home on monday evening, and now three days later he's still trying to recover. he wakes up long enough to eat his supper and then plops back down in a heap on the floor and goes to sleep. when we let him outside, he'll walk about five steps and then curl up on the deck. usually in the evening before i go to bed i make winn's lunch for the next day, and sajak always comes out and sits at the kitchen door, hoping for a piece of lunchmeat. well, the last picture here shows what he was doing while i was making winn's lunch this week. very unusual. there's a cute video at the top, right of the screen of the dogs playing in the pond on winn's family's property.

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Anonymous said...

Princess and Sajak will get along great she runs and runs after her toys and then she dies and if you try to move or call her she complains. Dogs are the best! Angie