Thursday, May 31, 2007

all tuckered out

sajak had such a fun time last weekend in iowa playing with winn's sister's dog gypsy and his parents' two golden retrievers holly and new puppy future jack, named by winn's niece hannah (who insists that you call her--yes, it's a girl--by her full name future jack, not just future). these first two pics show sajak sleeping the entire way back home on monday evening, and now three days later he's still trying to recover. he wakes up long enough to eat his supper and then plops back down in a heap on the floor and goes to sleep. when we let him outside, he'll walk about five steps and then curl up on the deck. usually in the evening before i go to bed i make winn's lunch for the next day, and sajak always comes out and sits at the kitchen door, hoping for a piece of lunchmeat. well, the last picture here shows what he was doing while i was making winn's lunch this week. very unusual. there's a cute video at the top, right of the screen of the dogs playing in the pond on winn's family's property.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

encouraging news

just thought i'd pass along a quick update that i just got from sherill. she had a chest xray taken yesterday, and it looks like just one week after receiving the chemo treatment, there is a reduction in the fluid that had accumulated on the chest wall. (apparently, the cancer is between the lining of the chest wall and the lung, not on the lung itself.) i don't think there's an update on the liver, but they'll know more about that in a couple of weeks. we really appreciate all your prayers as she's battling the pain and low white count. her next treatment is in a couple of weeks. thank you so much for all your encouragement. we really feel blessed to have such great friends and family.

i snuck up on winn and his mom last weekend and took this picture of them sunbathing. :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

mud puddles & silly faces

we spent memorial day weekend in iowa with winn's parents and his sister kendra and her family. our niece and nephew, hannah and stone (twins), had fun yesterday playing outside and splashing in the mud. here are a few shots of the festivities...

silly faces...

little bro paxton spending quality time with uncle winn...

all bathed and ready for bed...

also, there are a few videos to the right of the page under "my videos" of the twins performing and of pax taking a tractor ride with grandpa. we love those kids!

Monday, May 21, 2007


i just wanted to post a quick request for prayer for winn's mom. his dad just called to say that they got bad news from the doctor today. sherill's scans showed a lot of progression of the cancer in her lung and liver. she has lost a lot of weight in the past couple months and doesn't have much of an appetite at all. it sounds like they'll be putting her back on the tougher chemo. so i ask that you pray for comfort and rest for sherill, as well as strength for gary and the rest of the family. winn is in dallas for work until wednesday, and we will probably go to iowa when he gets home. i'll post a couple photos of winn's family so that you know who you're praying for, if you haven't met them. thank you.

the whole gang...

gary and sherill at their 40th anniversary party last summer...

and hangin' with their grandkids, their favorite pastime...

mystery weekend

last week winn told me he was going to plan a mystery weekend to celebrate my birthday. he wouldn't tell me where we were going, only what to pack and how long we would be gone. well, on friday afternoon we got in the car and ended up in chicago that evening! we spent saturday atop the sears tower, strolling through millennium park, eating lunch at elephant & castle, braving the crowds at navy pier, slurping a chocolate malt at ed debevic's, and just meandering around downtown. on saturday night he surprised me with tickets to see the blue men group, an excellent production that's definitely worth seeing! i got to have my picture taken with one of them after the show. then on sunday morning before heading home, we were able to visit willow creek church. it was a fun weekend. what a nice surprise! i'll post an album below and a couple videos to the right of the screen under "my videos."

Thursday, May 17, 2007

jessica's pinning

we went to my sister jessica's pinning ceremony on saturday. she's finished with her nursing program, and we're so proud of her! after the ceremony we all went out to her husband's family's place for a party. the kids had a great time riding the four-wheelers and jumping on the trampoline. we thought that we should test jess's nursing skills, so winn had a "heart attack" and asked for mouth-to-mouth. to the right of the screen (under "my videos") i've posted a video of the whole ordeal, as well as one of the four-wheelin' fun.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

five years old

we celebrated my niece caitlyn's birthday while we were in iowa last weekend. she's growing up so fast. she got a new tiara, earrings, high heels, purse, and ballerina outfit, everything a little five-year-old needs. she tried it all on and modeled it for us. at the right of the page there's a video of her runway show, and below is the photo album from her party...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


winn and i were in iowa over the weekend for my sister's graduation from her rn program. and since winn's parents live close-by, we stayed at their place and got to spend mother's day with them. it was a nice trip, lots of fun time with family. i've been busy with depositions and transcription work since we got home, but i'll try and post some pics of our weekend soon. for now, here's a cute photo of sajak on the car ride down. he loves to sit in the back seat and look out the window, especially if it's rolled down and he can hang his head out. also, an adorable position that i found winn's parents' new puppy in...

Thursday, May 10, 2007


yay! my volleyball team won first place in the spring city league tournament! it's been a while since we've won, so it was really exciting. and they were fun close matches too. our prize was a gift certificate to glynner's.

time to go pack. we're headed for iowa tomorrow after work. my sister just finished her rn program, and we're going down there for her pinning ceremony.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

minnesota evening

people often ask why we live in minnesota, where the winters are so cold and the summers are so short. well, evenings like tonight are one of the reasons why we love it so much, when it's a perfect 75 degrees out and you're sitting on your deck with your dog beside you. doesn't get much better than that.

also, a couple pics of my flowers...

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


well, winn and i are in the interview stage of our foster care licensing process. i had my first individual interview this morning for almost two hours. it wasn't as grueling as i expected. we still have our joint interview, and then winn has to do his individual one. this is beth, our licensor.

i'm getting my piano tuned today...yay! karen is out there working on it as we "speak." she has this handy-dandy machine that she uses.

Monday, May 7, 2007

love and respect

i'm in the middle of reading "love and respect" by dr. emerson eggerichs. it's been really good so far, and i've already found helpful things to apply in our marriage. so i just thought i'd pass it on. you're welcome to borrow our copy when we're done. dr. eggerichs and his wife also do conferences around the united states. here is their website:

Saturday, May 5, 2007

broken pants

yesterday joel was sitting on my lap when he noticed my jeans had holes in the knees. he looked up at me and very seriously informed me, "uh-oh, your pants are bwoken."

Friday, May 4, 2007


my sister carrie has been in town visiting all week with my neice cate and nephew joel. yesterday we went to the park, and today we went to the indoor playground at the mall. afterwards they talked us into letting them ride the race car. it's hard to say no to faces as sweet as theirs...

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


just posting some pics that rebecca sent me of our picnic at quarry hill on saturday. there's one of james, elizabeth, and new baby connor; one of chris and rebecca (expecting a baby in a little over two weeks--doesn't she look great?!); a few shots of james, andy, kasey, and winn playing ladder ball (and the gals and chris in the background playing bocce ball); and one of jess, me, winn, and marsha all digesting our yummy dinner. we are so blessed to have such authentic friends who inspire and encourage us. thanks guys. :)