Monday, February 26, 2007


just wanted to share the beautiful snow with all of you. not sure what the total inchage was, but i woke up this morning hardly able to move my back because of all the shoveling we did yesterday! it was a fun workout though, and we got to chat with a lot of the neighbors while they were outside shoveling and help some of them clear their driveways and sidewalks. i think sometimes God sends these snowfalls to encourage these friendly encounters.


brendab said...

Was it really quiet and beautiful after the snowfall? That is what I miss about Minnesota winters...the frosty silence of fresh fallen snow, especially in moonlight.

betsy said...

yes, it was incredible. you almost don't want to go outside and disturb a single snowflake. but then all of a sudden you turn into a little kid and have to don your snow clothes and run outside for sledding or a snowball fight!