Wednesday, February 28, 2007

at work in an electronic courtroom

i was working in a courtroom in preston, mn, all day yesterday for a trial. it's a tiny little town, but they had the most technologically advanced courtroom that i have ever been in. not only did they use realtime, but they had all kinds of cameras and flatscreens and plasma televisions. the judge can take pictures from his bench of anything in the courtroom and put them up on the screens. it's really handy for document review. the attorneys don't have to approach the bench or the jurors' box when they have a document to show. they can just put it under the camera, and it will come up on screens all over the place. also, there was a very soft-spoken juror yesterday that i could hardly hear, and the judge would zoom in on him so that i could watch his lips really closely on my screen. unbeknownst to me, judge benson took these pictures of me working yesterday during one of the proceedings and then emailed them to me last night.

goin' thru withdrawals

our espresso machine is on the blink, so we're experiencing withdrawals here. i guess we must use it way too much! winn took it apart last night to see if he could find out what was wrong with it. we thought it might be the pump, but luckily it looks as if it could be just a programming thing. maybe we'll get to feed our addiction again soon!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

red top

winn has been telling me for years of a place in colorado springs where you can get a cheeseburger that's almost as big as your plate, so when we were out there a couple weeks ago, he took me to red top. and he wasn't kidding! i could only eat a quarter of one.

hittin’ the slopes

we took a trip to colorado springs at the beginning of the month to visit winn’s sister kim, her husband scott, and their two boys ethan and garrett. we skied at copper mountain while there. it was really cold and windy that day, so we had every inch of skin covered. but we heard that the day after we left for home, it was already back up to 64 degrees! ah, such is life in colorado.

we also visited the balancing rock...

and the broadmoor...

Monday, February 26, 2007


we met some friends up in the cities for a weekend and spent the day on saturday at the minneapolis institute of arts. i had not visited this art museum before and was very impressed with its size and content. i'll share two specific pieces with you. the first is so incredible that the painting actually looks like it's a photograph. it's called "frank" and was painted in 1969 by chuck close.

the second painting is a rembrandt painted in the 1600's. it's entitled "lucretia." the story behind the painting is tragic, but it was neat to stand in front of a painting that was almost 400 years old.


just wanted to share the beautiful snow with all of you. not sure what the total inchage was, but i woke up this morning hardly able to move my back because of all the shoveling we did yesterday! it was a fun workout though, and we got to chat with a lot of the neighbors while they were outside shoveling and help some of them clear their driveways and sidewalks. i think sometimes God sends these snowfalls to encourage these friendly encounters.